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This Week’s Garden Overflow: Fresh Jalapeños

by Jessica Vogl

Chicago is hanging on to warm weather by a thread, but fall is fast approaching! With the warm weather, we’ve had a wonderful crop of fresh jalapeños from the plant on our porch, and of course they’re all ripe around the same time! This week, I’m digging into a few ideas to use the abundance of fresh jalapeños before they’re gone!

Of course there is the obvious: you can put them into almost anything you cook. Making turkey burgers? Add a jalapeño. Baking cornbread? Add a jalapeño for a little kick. Soups and sauces can also be a great place to add a little spice. And you can always make a spicy margarita! But if you want to try something beyond those, and perhaps something that uses up quite a bit of jalapeños, I’m rounding up a few good options! These are also all dairy-free options, so you won’t see jalapeño poppers on this list!

What can I make with fresh jalapeños?

Whether you like to embrace the heat of jalapeños, or you want to mellow it out a bit, there are plenty of options! Also, it might make sense to do something fresh that you can eat right away, as well as something that keeps for a bit longer.

If you have A LOT of jalapeños you want to use up right away (we’re talking a pound of jalapeños at a time), try one of these:

  • Candied Jalapeños: I tried this for the first time this year and they’re delicious! An amazing combination of spicy and sweet. I followed this super simple recipe for Candied Jalapeños from Foodie with Family. They’re delicous on tacos, sandwiches, burgers — a great all-around condiment!
  • Pickled Jalapeños: if you’re a pickle fan, check out this recipe from Vanilla & Bean for Pickled Jalapeño peppers. Another great condiment to have on hand!

Keep in mind, candied and pickled jalapeños can also be great gift items, and they’re beautiful in the jar!

Fresh Jalapeño FAQ

What do the different pepper colors mean?

Red jalapeños are just a little older — they have been on the plant longer than the green peppers! They’re still the same pepper, and generally hold the same heat, but are just a different color!

How long do fresh jalapeños last?

Store fresh jalapenos in the fridge, ideally to use within one week. They may stay good longer, but they’ll eventually start to soften and go bad. If anything looks or smells off, that pepper should be thrown out.

Are jalapeños easy to grow?

Yes, they are! Ours is in a pot on the front porch and is a thoroughly happy plant! All you need is well-draining soil, full sun, and warm weather.

What are you making with all of your fresh jalapeños this year? I’d love to hear!

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