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The Foodtography School Black Friday Sale is Here!

by Jessica Vogl

This post contains affiliate links.

Black Friday is starting early and the Foodtography School Black Friday sale has just kicked off! This is their biggest sale of the year, and you can save 25% everything on the site. And I mean everything! Presets, courses, bundles… everything! In this post I’ll be breaking down everything on sale for you, as well as my recommendations!

You can shop the Foodtography School Black Friday sale (25% off everything!) at the link here.

Black Friday two years ago is when I bought my first Foodtography School course, and I never looked back! I was on the fence and had heard about the courses, then signed up for a free Masterclass session. Once the Black Friday sales hit, I was sold! Since then, I’ve also started Advanced Foodtography School, and I just mightttt have my eye on Restaurant Foodtography School as well!

What is included in the Foodtography School Black Friday sale?

Now until November 29 you can get 25% off anything on the Foodtography site, which includes presets, courses, guides and more! And if you enroll in one of the courses during the Black Friday sale, you’ll also get access to the NEW Influencer Bootcamp — a free mini course on everything from how to be a stand-out influencer in 2022 to landing paid partnerships to how to incorporate video content into your social strategy.

What courses are on sale?

A breakdown of the Foodtography courses that are now on sale:

  • Foodtography School is for people who want to treat their photography as an art form, create a standout online presence, and turn their photography into a business. This is the course I took first!
  • Advanced Foodtography School takes the first course a step farther. The course helps you learn subleties in editing, how to develop a more complex grasp on composition, and teaches intricacies of food styling to elevate your photos immediately. I just started Advanced Foodtography School and am already loving it. I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve completed it!
  • iFoodtography School is for anyone who wants to learn to take better pictures of food with their iPhone (no DSLR or mirrorless camera needed).
  • Restaurant Foodtography School is focused specifically on food photography for restaurants. This is a way to improve your portfolio, establish yourself in your community, and diversify your income.

Other than courses, what else is on sale?

In addition to the courses, you can also get 25% off other offerings, including:

  • Presets that will take your pictures to the next level. Compatible with the free Lightroom mobile app and Lightroom desktop.
  • Templates & Guides to get you started with setting up your media kit, a brand pitching guide, a photography pricing & contract guide, and more!
  • Website templates to get you started on a customizable website that shows off your amazing work and helps you grow your online business.
  • Style / Edit sessions to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Sarah styles and edits a shot.

Where should I start?

That depends on what you’re most interested in! For me, I think the courses are wonderful and would highly recommend starting there before adding any extras. Whether you’re interested in improving your phone photography or working with a DSLR / mirrorless camera, or you’ve already mastered the basics and are ready to really did into advanced concepts, there is a class for you! The classes also offer great tips on everything from equipment and gear, to props and and lighting. It’s great to take the classes before you start buying more props, etc!

This is also the only time Foodtography offers a sale like this, so if you’re interested, I suggest you jump on it! And if you’re really committed and know you want to do this, the course bundles are absolutely the best deal on the site! You get a discount for bundling courses together, and then the additional 25% off discount (and the Influencer Bootcamp freebie) — it’s amazing!

  • Foodtograhpy School + Advanced Foodtography School bundle: originally $1,556, now $1,167
  • Foodtography School + Restaurant Foodtograpy School bundle: originally $697, now $522

What is Influencer Bootcamp?

Influencer Bootcamp is a mini course on everything from how to be a stand-out influencer in 2022 to landing paid partnerships and how to incorporate video content into your social strategy. Social media is changing (nature of the beast!) and whether you want to become an influencer, or you want to be active on social media platforms to boost your photography business, it’s essential to keep learning and evolving.

The course is split into five sections:

  • Influencer marketing in 2022
  • Creating high-impact content
  • Landing paid partnerships
  • Developing your pricing blueprint
  • Incorporating video strategy with TikTok and Reels

It’s a great bonus offer and is FREE if you enroll in a Foodtography School course during the Black Friday sale.

Where do I shop the Foodtography School Black Friday sale?!

You can shop the Foodtography School Black Friday sale (25% off everything!) at the link here. The sale is going on now through November 29.

What other questions do you have? I’m happy to help answer anything for you!

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