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My Foodtography School Review

by Jessica Vogl

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One year ago, I signed up for Foodtography School and since the next class is coming around, I wanted to share my Foodtography School review! This month, Foodtography School is back for its latest launch and is gearing up to welcome a new class of students. I feel so honored to look back on what has been an incredible year for me! If you’re at all interested in food photography (as a hobby, a side gig, or perhaps you have big business ambitions!), I hope sharing my story and experience will help you in this journey!

If you’re interested in Foodtography School, you can sign up with this link and use code JESS for 15% off!

In my Foodtography School review I’m also sharing a few “before and after” shots which are always fun! There is nothing “bad” about the before photos, but you can really see the progression — particularly in some of the finer details. I think it’s also really interesting to see that even before, I had a sense of the style that I wanted. You can see some interesting compositional elements (repetition, for example), but it’s just captured in such a better way in the “after” photo!

How did you get started?

I started food photography as a hobby a few years ago. I was that person who would take iPhone photos of my food in restaurants and snap pictures of a cake I baked before eating it (perfectly normal, right??). Eventually, I started to think about backgrounds and the items I had in the photo. What surface am I taking this picture on? How does this cutting board look? Do I like this silverware? How is this towel or napkin laying? And to be honest, the feedback I was getting from friends and family was really good! I’ve always loved baking and cooking and I think having a way to show off my creations was really fun for everyone.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we were stuck at home, I began really craving a creative outlet. We were stuck in the house all day, not seeing other people, and the difference between work and home felt like a blurry line. I started looking at YouTube videos and other online sources about food photography and started doing more creative things in the kitchen. I signed up for Little Rusted Ladle’s Master the Art of Food Photography Summit (which was a free event in its first year at the time). The sessions were WONDERFUL! And the photography challenges really sparked for me — pushing me to do things I’d never even thought of.

Not long after that summit, I was craving more and I came across Foodtography School. It’s one of the main food photography courses, and I’d heard about it through others on Instagram — either they had taken it before, or they knew someone who did. I joined the free Foodtography School Masterclass, which was a great way to get some actionable tips and advice (for free!) and gave a peek at what the Foodtography School program looked like. I was hooked! So I signed up and never looked back!

What kind of classes does Foodtography School offer?

Foodtography School offers several different courses for different levels and interests:

  • Foodtography School is for people who want to treat their photography as an art form, create a standout online presence, and turn their photography into a business. This is the program I took!
  • Advanced Foodtography School takes the first course a step farther. The course helps you learn subleties in editing, how to develop a more complex grasp on composition, and teaches intricacies of food styling to elevate your photos immediately.
  • iFoodtography School is for anyone who wants to learn to take better pictures of food with their iPhone!
  • Restaurant Foodtography School is focused specifically on food photography for restaurants. This is a way to improve your portfolio, establish yourself in your community, and diversify your income.

I took the first Foodtography School and loved it, so this Foodtography School review focuses specifically on that course. I have not taken any of the subsequent courses just yet, but am absolutely still learning and investing in myself. Based on my experience already, I would certainly consider these courses as well!

Who teaches Foodtography School?

Foodtography School was created by Sarah Crawford of Broma Bakery. She’s taught over 6,000 students how to improve their photography through her info-packed online courses. All Foodtography School sessions are taught by her!

What do you learn in Foodtography School?

Foodtography School offers 7 units:

  • Fundamentals of Food Photography
  • Composition
  • Light
  • Branding
  • Editing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing

Each unit includes video sessions, workbooks, and an assignment.

You also receive several bonuses, including 4 styling sections, 3 editing sessions, an editable workbook, and new this year: a section on mastering Instagram Reels! You also get access to the Foodtography School private Facebook group, which has been such a wonderful resource for me. In this group, students will share their work and you’ll provide critiques. It also becomes a community that supports each other long after you’ve finished the sessions. You’ll make some great connections here too!

Do you need a fancy camera to join?

You do not need a fancy camera to join Foodtography School. But you will get the most out of the program if you have a DSLR or other manual camera. If you intend to only shoot photos with your iPhone, then I would recommend iFoodtography School!

Do you have to stick to a schedule?

No! The course is online and is set up to be a go-at-your-own-pace program. There are weekly assignments and critiques, and you’ll see others going through the program at that pace, but you don’t have to. For me, I went through the program very slowly over several months (other stuff going on, amirite!?). It was still great to see others sharing their work for critique, and then when I did share mine, everyone still shared great feedback and was very engaged. I think everyone really goes through it at whatever pace is best for them!

You also have lifetime access to all of the sessions, so you can revisit as many times as you want, which is really great if you want a refresher on certain areas.

What did you learn in Foodtography School?

I learned a ton and hopefully that has come across in my Foodtography School review! I came into Foodtography School as a hobbyist, and I left Foodtography School with a food photography side gig. And that side gig that might even become something more! Since taking the course, I have worked with brands for food photography as well as recipe creation projects, created an LLC, started sharing recipes on my blog (check one out here!), and recently billed my highest month ever. I feel more confident in my photography and my style and have a much clearer vision of where I want to continue growing.

I credit Foodtography School with opening my eyes to what the possibilities are with food photography and how to turn a nice hobby into a true business. As I continue to grow, I will always go back to the Foodtography School community and friends I’ve made from the program to get feedback on ideas, share wins, and help tackle challenges.

Did you take Advanced Foodtography School?

I just signed up to join Advanced Foodtography School this fall! I’m still getting started with the units, but hope to be able to report back soon on my experience!

How do I sign up for Foodtography School?

If you’re interested in joining Foodtography School (any of the programs), you can sign up with my link here. And to make it even better, use code JESS for 15% off anything on the Foodtography School site!

Hopefully this Foodtography School review has been helpful! Do you have other questions about Foodtography School or my experience? I’d love to help answer them! Feel free to drop a comment below, or reach out to me directly on Instagram. Good luck!

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